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Good Systems Projects

Defining, Evaluating, and Building Ethical Human + AI Systems

Good Systems researchers are focused on innovation in human-AI partnerships to address the needs and values of society. Our teams are interdisciplinary and designed to foster inclusion and support discovery. We act as a pool of knowledge and resources to enable frameworks, best practices, and methods that address ethical issues in the design and implementation of AI technologies. 

Explore our six multi-year core research projects as well as insights from completed projects. 

Core Research Projects

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In 2021, we launched a set of six core research projects which explore critical areas within Ethical AI: racial justice, surveillance and privacy, misinformation and disinformation, smart cities, living and working with robots, and smart hand tools and the future of work. 

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Racial Justice

AI and the Future of Racial Justice

Explores racial disparities in AI-based systems and seeks to design and implement solutions in the areas of public safety, transportation, and health.

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Being Watched: Embedding Ethics in Public Cameras

Investigates the social acceptance of cameras and video data and how to develop technical solutions that will satisfy privacy concerns.

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Smart Tools

Making Smart Tools Work for Everyone

Designs smart hand tools that have embedded AI to empower workers to accomplish more while keeping their jobs secure.

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Combating disinformation

Designing Responsible AI Technologies to Curb Disinformation

Employs machine learning to understand how disinformation arises and spreads and how to design effective human-centered interventions.

Good Systems for Smart Cities



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Smart Cities

A Good System for Smart Cities

Seeks to build a system that will link city datasets to predict the effects of urban development projects, including Austin’s Project Connect.

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Robot / Human Partnerships

Living and Working with Robots

Overcoming the technical and social hurdles to deploying robots by building and studying them in the communities where they will be used.


Past Projects

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Good Systems

A lack of affordable housing is a major problem in US cities from the Bay Area to Boston. Austin is no exception. In 2015, the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area was named one of the most economically segregated areas in the country.

Good Systems

This project reports on how media representations shape public perceptions of AI and then uses findings to explore how Good Systems might better represent everyday interactions with AI to the public. 

Good Systems

This project investigates comparative policies around the creation and use of video data in the public sector. As more cities deploy monitoring and sensing technologies, cameras are in the front lines of data-gathering in traffic, policing, and health and safety.

Good Systems

Older adults are especially vulnerable to believing and circulating disinformation online, and we want to enable this population to use social media more responsibly.

Good Systems

This project designs and prototypes new ways to find, interpret, and evaluate online information with the goal of helping to combat rampant misinformation. It studies how people evaluate and integrate information from disparate online sources, focusing on fact-checking as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Good Systems

This project investigated how data ethics can be a point of departure in designing and evaluating good systems, examining the contradictions and pressure points among various data practices.