Designing AI to Advance Racial Equity


AI-based technologies used by cities and organizations have been shown to exhibit racial bias, and yet, they can determine who gets access to employment, care, and adequate housing. This project seeks to understand the racial disparities in AI-based systems and design and implement solutions in the areas of public safety, transportation, and health. Engagement with local government offices, public agencies, industry, and communities is at the center of its effort to tackle the challenge of achieving racially equitable AI.


Team Members


April 4, 2024
Dr. S. Craig Watkins on Why AI’s Potential to Combat or Scale Systemic Injustice Still Comes Down to Humans
In this episode, Brené and Craig discuss what is known in the AI community as the “alignment problem” — who needs to be at the table in order to build systems that are aligned with our values as a democratic society?
March 28, 2024
UT Austin, Cornell Researchers Developing AI Interventions to Address Suicide Rates Among Black Youth
A multi-university team that includes University of Texas at Austin researchers has been awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health to create AI-based interventions to help address the risk for suicide among Black youth.
Sept. 20, 2023
Good Systems Awards Funding to Advance Ethical AI Research in Core Project Areas
Good Systems has awarded funding to five projects that investigate the ethical implications of AI technologies in society in the areas of racial justice, surveillance and privacy, smart cities, and community-robot interaction.