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Partnerships are Vital to Our Mission

Together with our partners, Good Systems investigates how to define, evaluate, and build ethical AI systems that will transform society for the better.

As artificial intelligence is increasingly integrated into our daily lives and jobs, our society is facing a pivotal moment. Our actions now will shape the future of human – AI relationships. Good Systems is working to embed ethics into AI systems to ensure they are good, which, for us, means that they are driven by human values including agency, transparency, trust, equity, justice and democracy. We believe “good systems” are designed to benefit everyone and to leave no one behind.

This grand challenge cannot be met by academia alone. We need cross-sector collaboration – across academia, industry, nonprofits, and government – and an inclusive process that actively invites in community members who will be most directly impacted by our research, to create meaningful and transformative human + AI systems.

Good Systems is committed to working closely with partners across academia, industry, nonprofit, and government to foster an understanding of the need for ethical AI systems and to develop actionable tools driven by research insights. Our researchers, who work across disciplines ranging from communications and informatics to robotics and architecture, actively engage community stakeholders throughout the research process to better understand the needs of the people who will be most affected by our work.

We invite you to join us on our mission!

Ways of Working Together

Good Systems works to establish mutually beneficial partnerships across academia, industry, nonprofit, and government.

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Good Systems is dedicated to public education and outreach to help foster awareness and understanding of the importance of ethics in AI. Please contact us if you are interested in:

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Network Partners

Together, we work to ensure that the future of AI benefits everyone.  

Good Systems has worked in collaboration with the following organizations to co-organize educational events, panel discussions, and advance research projects. 

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