A Good System for Smart Cities


AI technologies can build safer and smarter cities and help us monitor and evaluate how new and critical infrastructure will affect access to housing, jobs, and public services, but city datasets are fragmented across domains and practically inaccessible to the general public. This project seeks to build an AI system that will link city datasets – extracting useful information, identifying data bias, making better and safer decisions within complex and dynamic environments, and ensuring responsible data use. Building on these different datasets, this research will also develop digital twin models for different critical infrastructures (e.g. fire, transportation, water, energy) to monitor the status, visualize different scenarios, and mitigate emerging challenges in critical infrastructures.

Team Members

Arya Farahi
Statistics and Data Science
Project Co-Lead
Geological Sciences and Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
Project Co-Lead
Catherine Cubbin
Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Devrim Ikizler
Jun-Whan Lee
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Paul Navratil
Texas Advanced Computing Center
Desmond Ong
Kijin Seong
Texas Advanced Computing Center
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Project Co-Lead
Junmin Wang
Mechanical Engineering



Sept. 20, 2023
Good Systems Awards Funding to Advance Ethical AI Research in Core Project Areas
Good Systems has awarded funding to five projects that investigate the ethical implications of AI technologies in society in the areas of racial justice, surveillance and privacy, smart cities, and community-robot interaction.
April 3, 2023
New UH Project Combats Food Insecurity Through AI
One in eight Texans experiences food insecurity, according to the non-profit agency Feeding America. That means 1.4 million Texas households are food insecure, with limited or inconsistent access to nutritious food for an active, healthy life. The USDA’s most recent survey on the issue reported that Texas is among the top nine U.S. states with a higher prevalence of food insecurity than the national average.
March 16, 2023
SXSW Workshops and Local Organization Working to Find Homelessness Solutions
For almost a year, the founder and CEO of Documenting Austin’s Streets and Homeless (DASH) has spent almost the entirety of every week using his grassroots organization to help with outreach and clean-up efforts that he says are sorely lacking in the capital city.