Good Systems

Assistant professor Luis SentisÕ Human Centered Robotics Lab focuses on advancing human-friendly robots that are flexible, safe and mobile.
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Good Systems

Designing AI technologies that benefit society is our grand challenge.

AI-based technologies are helping us solve complex problems in nearly every discipline and industry, but they have the capacity to be harmful to us in ways we might not predict or intend.

Coexisting with AI

Artificial intelligence is a system that can correctly interpret data, learn from it, and then use what it has learned to adapt in order to achieve specific goals autonomously. It improves our everyday lives, but not without risk.

AI is changing the way we do everything because it’s everywhere — from dating apps to the most advanced military weapons systems. AI does many things faster and better than humans can alone, but there are ethical and societal implications to consider.

How can we ensure that AI is beneficial — not detrimental — to humanity? What unintended consequences are we overlooking by developing technology that can be manipulated and misused?

It is ethically irresponsible to focus only on what AI can do. We believe it is equally important to ask what it should (and should not) do.

Our goal is to better understand what changes new technologies will bring, predict how those changes will unfold, and mitigate the harms or unintended consequences they could cause while still leveraging the benefits AI provides.

To do that, our team brings students and researchers together from more than two dozen schools and units on The University of Texas at Austin campus to investigate how to define, evaluate, and build a “Good System.”

Core Research Projects

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Our team is working to establish a framework for evaluating, developing, implementing, and regulating AI-based technologies so they reflect human values. In 2021, we launched a set of six core research projects, which explore critical topics including surveillance inquiry, disinformation, smart cities, racial justice, human-machine partnerships, and the future of work.

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Racial Justice

AI and the Future of Racial Justice

Explores racial disparities in AI-based systems and seeks to design and implement solutions in the areas of public safety, transportation, and health.

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Being Watched: Embedding Ethics in Public Cameras

Investigates the social acceptance of cameras and video data and how to develop technical solutions that will satisfy privacy concerns.

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Smart tools

Making Smart Tools Work for Everyone

Designs smart hand tools that have embedded AI to empower workers to accomplish more while keeping their jobs secure.

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Combating Disinformation

Designing Responsible AI Technologies to Curb Disinformation

Employs machine learning to understand how disinformation arises and spreads and how to design effective human-centered interventions.

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Smart Cities

A Good System for Smart Cities

Seeks to build a system that will link city datasets to predict the effects of urban development projects, including Austin’s Project Connect.

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Robot / Human Partnerships

Living and Working with Robots

Aiming to overcome the technical and social hurdles to deploying robots by building and studying them in the communities where they will be used.

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Annual Report

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Good Systems’ Executive Team represents the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Natural Sciences, the Moody College of Communication, the Cockrell School of Engineering, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the School of Architecture, and the School of Information. Visit our full team page to see the full list of Good Systems researchers, affiliates, and staff.   

  • Baker

    Samuel Baker

    Chair and Founding Member
  • bhat

    Chandra Bhat

    Founding Member
    Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
  • Ken Fleischmann

    Kenneth R. Fleischmann

    Founding Chair
    School of Information
  • Sherri Greenberg

    Sherri Greenberg

    Professor of Practice
    LBJ School of Public Affairs
  • Jun Feng Jiao

    Junfeng Jiao

    Past Chair and Founding Member
    School of Architecture
  • Stacey Ingram Kaleh

    Stacey Ingram Kaleh

    Network Relationship Manager
    Office of the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors
  • Lease

    Matthew Lease

    Founding Member
    School of Information
  • Lea Sabatini

    Lea Sabatini

    Program Director
    Office of the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors
  • Luis Sentis

    Luis Sentis

    Associate Professor
    Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  • Stone

    Peter Stone

    Founding Member
    Computer Science
  • Sharon Strover

    Sharon Strover

    Chair-Elect and Founding Member
    School of Journalism and Media

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