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Theme Organizing Committee


Whole Communities–Whole Health brings researchers and advisors together from wide-ranging backgrounds across UT and Central Texas in partnership with community advocates and experts. The theme organizing committee below represents the Moody College of Communication, College of Education, College of Liberal Arts, School of Nursing, the Cockrell School of Engineering, and Dell Medical School. 

  • awad

    Gigi Awad

    Educational Psychology
  • Bearman

    Sarah Kate Bearman

    Associate Professor
    Educational Psychology / Psychiatry
  • Laura Quiñones Camacho

    Laura Quiñones Camacho

    Assistant Professor
    Educational Psychology
  • Castelli

    Darla Castelli

    Kinesiology and Health Education
  • champagne

    Frances Champagne

  • Kaya de Barbaro

    Kaya de Barbaro

    Assistant Professor
  • Johnson

    Karen Johnson

    Associate Professor
  • Kerry Kinney

    Kerry Kinney

    Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
  • Lawson

    Karla Lawson

    Associate Professor
    Surgery and Perioperative Care / Population Health
  • mackert

    Michael Mackert

    Advertising & Public Relations / Population Health
  • schnyer

    David Schnyer

    Psychology / Psychiatry
  • Edison Thomaz

    Edison Thomaz

    Assistant Professor
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • upshaw

    Sean Upshaw

    Assistant Professor
    Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations

Community Liaisons

  • Aguas

    Maggie Aguas

    Home Educator Lead
  • lilly

    Carol Lilly

    Founder & Chair
    Boomers Collaborative Foundation
  • moody

    Charles Moody

    Founder & CEO
    Community Coalition for Health

Community Strategy Team

  • Riojas

    Linda Billela-Riojas

    Parent Volunteer
    Ojeda Middle School
  • Hernandez

    Valerie Chávez-Hernández

    Special Education Teacher Assistant
    Del Valle Middle School
  • Everette

    Phyllis Everette

    Executive Director
    Saffron Trust
  • Gomez

    Rebecca Gomez

    Parent Community Liaison
    Ojeda Middle School
  • Gonzalez

    Ellena Gonzalez

    Reproductive Justice Birth Worker
  • Greer

    Mia Greer

    Chief Operating Officer
    Community Coalition for Health
  • Hunter

    Carl Hunter

    African American Youth Harvest Foundation
  • Soriano

    Barbara Soriano

    Parent Volunteer
    Ojeda Middle School

Support Team

  • Shirene Garcia
    Senior Outreach Program Coordinator
    School of Social Work
  • Sarah Smith
    Research Study Coordinator
    Office of the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors
  • Clinton Leysath
    Program Director
    Office of the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors