Project Summary

AI-based technologies used by cities and organizations have been shown to exhibit racial bias, and yet, they can determine who gets access to employment, care, and adequate housing. This project seeks to understand the racial disparities in AI-based systems and design and implement solutions in the areas of public safety, transportation, and health. Engagement with local government offices, public agencies, industry, and communities is at the center of its effort to tackle the challenge of achieving racially equitable AI. 

Project Team

Craig Watkins (Lead, Journalism and Media), Chandra Bhat (Co-Lead, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering), Min Kyung Lee (Co-Lead, School of Information), Sherri Greenberg (LBJ School of Public Affairs), Natalia Ruiz-Juri (Center for Transportation Research), Brandon Kroos (City of Austin Equity Office), Ted Lehr (City of Austin Equity Office), Edwin Marty (City of Austin Office of Sustainability), Amanda Rohlich (City of Austin Office of Sustainability)