April 9, 2024
Automated vehicles
Higher education institutions are also looking at the opportunities and challenges AI brings. Dr. Chandra Bhat, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, helps us learn more about the role of AI in the classroom and as a subject of research.
April 4, 2024
Dr. S. Craig Watkins on Why AI’s Potential to Combat or Scale Systemic Injustice Still Comes Down to Humans
In this episode, Brené and Craig discuss what is known in the AI community as the “alignment problem” — who needs to be at the table in order to build systems that are aligned with our values as a democratic society?
March 28, 2024
UT Austin, Cornell Researchers Developing AI Interventions to Address Suicide Rates Among Black Youth
A multi-university team that includes University of Texas at Austin researchers has been awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health to create AI-based interventions to help address the risk for suicide among Black youth.
March 19, 2024
‘People conflate privacy with secrecy’ — An Interview with Good Systems Symposium Keynote Speaker Helen Nissenbaum
A Q&A with Good Systems symposium keynote speaker Helen Nissenbaum, a leading authority on privacy who devised the theory of contextual integrity (CI), a philosophical maxim that redefined privacy as the appropriate flow of information
March 18, 2024
Dr. Ciaran B. Trace, 1971-2024
Dr. Trace’s teaching and research explored the history of the information professions and the intersection of archival work with emerging and cutting-edge technologies. Her recent work with Good Systems, a UT Grand Challenge, investigated information governance practices on algorithmic accountability and her current research project investigated information governance issues around smart camera use. Dr. Trace’s particular interest in the written record as a tool for accountability and transparency informed the development of a teaching curriculum that reimagined and prepared the informational professional for the digital age.
Feb. 29, 2024
Importance of ethical AI
Computer science professor Swarat Chaudhuri, explains how bias seeps into artificial intelligence systems.
Feb. 21, 2024
‘Don’t Believe the Hype’: Good Systems Hosts Roundtable Discussion on Perceptions of AI Perpetuated by Media
Industry professionals discussed the ways artificial intelligence is falsely portrayed in the media and the ethics of becoming an AI-dependent society in a Feb. 21 roundtable.
Feb. 12, 2024
Texas Career Engagement Panel Examines Ethical Considerations of AI in the Workplace
A Texas Career Engagement panel, cohosted with Good Systems, discussed the implications and integration of artificial intelligence in the workplace on Feb. 8.
Jan. 26, 2024
Responsible Data Handling in the Age of AI: Insights from Good Systems’ Sharon Strover and Amy Kristin Sanders
An interview with two of Good Systems’ experts on data privacy, both from UT’s School of Journalism and Media: Sharon Strover, former chair of the Good Systems Executive Team, and Amy Kristin Sanders, who is also an associate professor (by courtesy) at the School of Law
Jan. 23, 2024
2024 to be ‘Year of AI’ at UT
UT designated 2024 as the “Year of AI” to highlight the University’s achievements in artificial intelligence research and to set the stage for future developments.