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Bridging Barriers is a Research Development Initiative that serves as an incubator for high-impact interdisciplinary projects at The University of Texas at Austin. We achieve this by supporting researchers from across the Forty Acres as they form broad teams tasked with identifying urgent issues — and figuring out the best way to solve them in less than a decade. UT researchers are partnering with communities, nonprofits, local government agencies, and industry leaders to design solutions that have real-world impact.


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Planet Texas 2050

Whole Communities–Whole Health

Good Systems

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Good Systems

AI technologies can help build smarter cities by using data to improve services, such as public safety, transit systems, and emergency response. They can also help us evaluate how new infrastructure, such as public transportation lines, will affect access to housing, jobs, and public services.

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April 1, 2024
Whole Communities–Whole Health
Move More, Sleep Better, UT Study Finds
April 9, 2024
Good Systems
Automated vehicles

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