Mental Health Support

Even after the pandemic is fully over, families will be dealing with the aftermath of this stressful year for a long time. It’s okay to reach out for help in finding new ways to cope with the ups and downs of life.


Texas Mental Health Support Line

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, help is available. Call toll-free 833-986-1919 at any time to speak with a mental health professional for help dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression.

Integral Care 24/7 Helpline

This phone line (512-472-HELP) provides around the clock crisis support as well as access to all of Integral Care's programs and services for adults and children. Their team will listen and support callers without judgement and provide immediate support in a mental health crisis.

The SAFE Alliance

This local organization provides a safe place for families faced with domestic violence. Call 512.267.SAFE (7233), text 737.888.7233 or start a chat on their website.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

If you are experiencing abuse at home, please reach out for assistance. This national hotline is available 24/7 at 1-800-799-7233 or if you’re unable to speak safely, you can log onto or text LOVEIS to 22522.


This app can be downloaded and used to help with safety decisions for persons who are experiencing domestic violence. The app is pin-coded, but could still be detected if your partner checks your phone activity.

Texas Youth Helpline

Trained volunteers are available at the helpline via call, text, or chat 24/7 to help young people in need of a caring voice and sympathetic ear. Call toll-free 1-800-989-6884.

NAMI Helpline

The National Alliance on Mental Health has trained counselors available via text, phone call, or chat if you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis.

Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

This website provides resources to help start a conversation about how racism and discrimination affect mental health in the Black community.