Anti-Racism Resources

Racial discrimination does real harm to health—and its effects are felt for generations. Racism is a systemic issue; our entire society is built on policies and practices that advantage White people while oppressing Black people and other people of color. Real change must happen at a systemic level. While it may feel overwhelming at times, we all can help change these systems. As parents, we can begin at home by teaching our children anti-racism. It’s never too early to talk with your children about differences, bias, racism, and speaking up for justice. Here are a few resources to help families start these crucial conversations and get involved.

How to Talk to Kids about Race

This National Geographic article shares some advice about how to talk to kids about race and community activism.

AAP Talking to Kids about Racial Bias

Here are some tips on talking to kids about racial bias from the American Association of Pediatrics.

Book Recommendations

The Los Angeles Public Library shares essential readings in support of the Black Lives Matter movement for children, tweens, teens, and adults.

List of Anti-Racism Resources

Ready to learn more? This list of book, movie, and social media recommendations is a great place to start.


This Austin organization’s mission is to use data and education to mobilize communities to eliminate social disparities.

Systemic Racism Explained

This kid-friendly video explains systemic racism, including discriminatory housing, banking, and education practices.

Austin Justice Coalition

This local organization serves people who are historically and systematically impacted by gentrification, segregation, over policing, a lack of educational and employment opportunities, and other institutional forms of racism in Austin.