Homelessness exists on a continuum, ranging from people experiencing housing instability, those reintegrating after incarceration and people couch surfing and living on the streets. It can be episodic, or temporary, as well as chronic. This team aims to understand the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness and what kind of information the agencies who serve them need to be more effective. AI can assist in both.

This research will assist the city of Austin in identifying people experiencing homelessness or those at risk, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made many people unable to work or pay their bills. The team also will help the city in providing wraparound services for those experiencing homelessness, all through AI-based interventions.


Project team: Sherri R. Greenberg (LBJ School of Public Affairs), Min Kyung Lee (School of Information), Stephen C. Slota (School of Information), Kenneth R. Fleischmann (School of Information), James Snow (City of Austin, Department of Public Works), Khalil Bholat (City of Austin, Department of Public Works), Divya Rathanlal (City of Austin, Communications and Technology Management) and Jonathan Tomko (City of Austin, Neighborhood Housing and Community Development)