In Texas, the most deadly and costly natural disaster is flooding. Preparation and response are limited because existing flood and risk maps don’t account for the ways that river flooding, surface flooding, storm surges, and terrain interact. By overlaying new, finely tuned flood maps over specially designed street maps that indicate all known structures, residences, and even which communities are most vulnerable, state agencies and local governments can respond to disasters faster and allocate resources better. This project will focus specifically on communities in Southeast Austin and Southeast Texas that have seen significant flooding events. We will also design a “Texas Disaster Decision Theatre” where academics and policy makers can come together to experience hazard simulations and work collaboratively to devise new policies and practices that keep Texans safer. 

Team: Paola Passalacqua (Center for Water and the Environment); Patrick Bixler (LBJ School of Public Affairs); Harry Evans (Center for Water and the Environment); David Arctur (Center for Water and the Environment); David Maidment (Center for Water and the Environment); Steven Boyles (Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering); Christine Thies (Center for Water and the Environment); Geeta Persad (Geological Sciences); Suzanne Pierce (Texas Advanced Computing Center); Teresa Jarriel (Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering); Daniel Hardesty-Lewis (Texas Advanced Computing Center); Yajie Li (LBJ School of Public Affairs)