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The µP-STREAM (Micro-controller Platform Sending Telemetry Real-Time for Earth’s Adaptive Models) project is part of Planet Texas 2050’s larger cyberinfrastructure project (see DataX, DOLCe, and Integrated Modelling for Adaptive Decision Making). It is centered around creating better systems for field data collection as well as storing, organizing, and analyzing that data in the lab or on the computer. Micro-controllers (the “µ” in µP-STREAM) are deployed in the field as a sensor network that adaptively measures environmental conditions and streams data in near-real time to the computational resources at UT's Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Real-time data services infrastructure like CHORDS and Tapis allow for that data to come attached with metadata for easier organization.  Also by being programmed to upload into the greater data infrastructure of TACC and DataX, it allows for greater sharing and analysis of data.  The μPSTREAM platform is currently being included as a data ingestion platform for the Texas Disaster Information System, aiding in determining in-situ water levels in flood-prone areas around Texas. Additionally, the inclusion of μPSTREAM/μPSTREAM-π in the Stengl-Weyer Biosensing Project has led to the approved installation of fiber-based internet infrastructure and a private LTE Cellular network at the Stengl Lost Pines Field Laboratory.  



Team Members

Je'aime Powell
Texas Advanced Computing Center
Kelly Pierce
Texas Advanced Computing Center