Increasingly, artificial intelligence systems automate or assist human decision makers in managerial and governance decisions. AI manages worker routines and tasks and also helps to distribute resources in cities for things like transportation and infrastructure development, as well as predicts the risks of recidivism and child abuse. The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need to use AI to help decision-makers now to allocate scarce resources, such as medical and food supplies. The aim is to do that in an ethical way that doesn’t have disparate effects on certain groups and populations. This team will help to design an AI system to help policy makers and communities make fair distribution decisions amid the pandemic.


Project team: Min Kyung Lee (School of Information), Virginia A. Brown (Department of Population Health), Katherine Rich (Department of Communication Studies), Joel Afriyie (Department of Computer Science), Aashna Lal (College of Liberal Arts) and Alyssa Parra (City of Austin Development Services Department)