Greeting Cards for the Anthropocene

Greeting Cards from the Anthropocene

One of our greatest challenges is developing the capacity to adequately communicate issues of vital importance with one another. The importance of communicating the dangers resulting from impending climate collapse is perhaps the most vital issue to be communicated. Ever. To respond to this task, there are calls for better storytelling, for better science education, and for radical forms of political becoming.  This project seeks to explore the greeting card as an everyday cultural form that can be used to express ideas and to connect people around the subject of climate change.  This is a project of capacity building that leans on the expertise of scholars and creatives to generate, activate, and publicize the work of scientists and others engaging in the problems associated with anthropogenic climate change. It is also an earnest intellectual engagement with the problem of greeting catastrophe.  The main outputs were a set of original hand printed greeting cards and a letter-writing kit that can be used in a variety of communal gatherings.  

Greeting card


Team Members

Craig Campbell
Kate Canales
Department of Design