The DOLCe (Digital Object Life Cycle) project is a collaboration between University of Texas Libraries, Texas Advanced Computing Center, and the Texas Digital Library to develop a necessary infrastructure component to facilitate the publication and preservation of data from Planet Texas 2050 and other Bridging Barriers projects. The pilot service has made it possible for researchers to publish large datasets in the Texas Data Repository platform. These data will be stored at TACC and made openly available for download via the TDR online interface. Published datasets also receive DOIs for citation, and the digital files will be stewarded by the UTLibraries. For further information about TDR features for data publication see:

Team Members

Anna Dabrowski
Texas Advanced Computing Center
Jessica Trelogan
UT Libraries
Courtney Mumma
Texas Digital Library
Chris Jordan
Texas Advanced Computing Center
James Myers
Institute for Quantitative Social Science (Harvard University)
Nicholas Lauland
Texas Digital Library
Clark Kim
Texas Digital Library