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Fall 2023 – Spring 2024

Good Systems Speaker Series

The Good Systems Speaker Series brings together diverse perspectives on ethical AI from across the academic, industry, nonprofit, and public service sectors. Thought leaders will discuss topics related to Good Systems’ core research areas, which include AI and racial justice, surveillance, disinformation, smart cities, human-robot interactions, smart tools, and the future of work.

Upcoming Speaker Series Events

March 4 – Julie Shah, MIT Interactive Robotics Group

April 3 – Dr. Howard Besser, NYU

Past Speaker Series Events

October 4, 2023

The Importance of Open Models in AI, and Implications for the Future of Oversight
Ben Brooks, Head of Public Policy for Stability AI

Open models play a vital role in helping to promote transparency, security, and competition in AI. However, open models are highly capable and widely available, posing a challenge for regulators and policymakers considering the future of oversight. In this session, Ben Brooks, Head of Public Policy for Stability AI, discusses recent developments in open models, AI regulation, and practical steps that policymakers can take to mitigate emerging risks while continuing to foster open and grassroots innovation.