Project summary:

This project aims to quantify current TRAP exposure and its impacts and develop and extend models that capture the impact of urbanization and mobility decisions on TRAP exposure and corresponding health impacts. Researchers at the Center for Transportation Research (CTR) will collaborate with faculty and students working in community and regional planning, health, and air measurement, among others, to develop a list of desired datasets and corresponding processing and visualization needs. In collaboration with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), the datasets will be processed to facilitate their efficient use, analysis and visualization. The second goal involves supporting and promoting the use of collected data within the UT Community and beyond through three main activities: outreach, data analysis, and further research. Extended models may be used to comprehensively evaluate policy, transportation, and urbanization decisions, which is of particular interest given the major changes currently anticipated in the transportation industry due to the advent of autonomous vehicles.

Project team:

Natalia Ruiz Juri (project lead – CAEE CTR), Josh Apte (CAEE), Alex Karner (Architecture), Elizabeth Matsui (Dell Med), Lourdes Rodríguez (Population Health), and Corwin Zigler (Statistics and Data Science)