Project summary:

The Texas Metro Observatory (TMO) is a communication and data platform dedicated to sharing information and ideas about Texas’s communities, understanding common problems related to urbanization processes in these communities, and developing solutions across the state’s metropolitan areas. TMO will allow researchers, community members, nonprofit organizations, public sector agencies, policy makers, and the business community to access metropolitan-scaled data (economic, environmental, health, demographic, governmental, etc.) for the state; it also will include useful data interpretation and analysis such as data visualizations, infographics, and tools that will help tell the story of the places where Texans live. In addition, TMO will provide a forum for sharing ideas and questions about Texas’s communities and their future.

Project team:

Katherine Lieberknecht (project lead – Architecture), Patrick Bixler (LBJ School of Public Affairs), Juliana Felkner (Architecture), Fernanda Leite (CAEE), and Michael Oden (Architecture); and Nicole Joslin and Marla Torrado (Austin Community Design and Development Center)