Project summary:

The vision for the Texas Futures Virtual Reality Experience is of a user‐centered virtual experience of what an urban environment of a select city in Texas would look like in 2050 given a do‐nothing scenario, with regards to expected climate change and population growth in the State of Texas. A portion of a selected city (likely Austin) will be modeled with added digital assets from existing research. This simulation will provide an immersive individual virtual reality (VR) experience, delivered through a head-mounted display. The simulation would provide users a sense of presence, as if they were tele‐transported via a time machine into a future world, where they would be able to interact with digital asset and visualize data in 3D space.

Project team:

Fernanda Leite (project lead – CAEE), Megan (MJ) Johns (Arts & Entertainment Technologies), and Andrew Solis (TACC)


From Virtual to Reality: Take a Walk Around Austin in 2050 By: Fernanda Leite — Medium