Project summary:

This is part of a Construction Industry Institute-funded study, where we are developing a roadmap for the future of construction in terms of technology implementation. Part of the work includes crowdsourcing ideas from next-generation leaders, which means we will to leverage ideas from undergrads from across campus. The goals is to attract students from a variety of majors to work together in teams during the workshop. The four-hour workshop will basically be a brainstorming exercise in which teams of students will be asked to come up with ideas of how to build a colony in Mars given a set of constraints, including the absence of human workers. The focus is on means and methods. We will also have representatives from a few companies in attendance to help moderate like Fluor, Exxon, Eastman, and CCC, who are also involved in the roadmap development. It will be a one-time event. We will also carry out similar workshops at Georgia Tech and Carnegie Mellon.

Project team:

Fernanda Leite (project lead – CAEE), John Palmer (Construction Industry Institute)