Project summary:

Flood disasters resulting from recent events in Texas have emphasized the need for rapid estimation of flood inundation. With the availability of high-resolution terrain data over most of Texas, we have the opportunity to obtain high accuracy inundation mapping. However, the richness of information contained in HRT data poses challenges to classic approaches to river network extraction and flood inundation mapping. We developed a workflow called GeoFlood that estimates flood inundation extent and depth from HRT data and discharge forecasts by using geodesic minimization principles and topographic attributes. The tools require further analysis and development to be scaled up for applicability over the whole State, which is what this project aims to do.

Project team:

Paola Passalacqua (CAEE), David Arctur, Harry Evans , and Xing Zheng (Center for Water and the Environment), Suzanne Pierce and Daniel Hardesty-Lewis (TACC), and Michael Young (BEG)