Project summary:

Many current Planet Texas 2050 projects emphasize flood risks. We need more strategies for protection of life and property, including expert evacuations. This project will assess the cost and effectiveness of various existing strategies, including near‐term use of manned fleets like buses and vans, as well as shared autonomous vehicles, for longer‐term solutions that protect human drivers while maximizing fleet diffusion through vulnerable neighborhoods (thanks to use of more, smaller vehicles). Human drivers are understandably stressed when evacuating, and often select non‐recommended routes with sub‐optimal network‐congestion results for all. Planned thoughtfully, managed fleets can make evacuations and re‐entry more efficient, while providing all residents with safe exit options. This work will deliver optimal strategies for evacuating Houston and/or Corpus Christi neighborhoods to various safe destinations. The work will demonstrate top network and vehicle‐assignment strategies for FEMA and cities to follow to maximize State resilience, via safe, efficient evacuations — and eventual returns.

Project team:

Kara Kockelman (CAEE), Krishna Kumar (CAEE) and Mechele Dickerson (School of Law)