Researchers build home beacon to test indoor air quality.
Graduate research assistant Sepehr Bastami builds the second iteration of a smart home beacon, which will be used as part of Whole Communities–Whole Health to study participants’ indoor air quality.
Project summary:

The Whole Communities–Whole Health team is building and testing a smart device that uses environmental sensors to better understand how indoor air quality affects family health by measuring indoor air pollution, carbon dioxide levels, humidity, and temperature in real time. Additionally, the team will develop an algorithm to understand the quantity and quality of human interactions based on the noise levels in the home.

At several stages in the design process, the engineering team has shared its progress with members of the Community Strategy Team. Feedback from the team led to the development of an “off” switch so participants can control when and how they participate in the study. The design team also added a personalized “counter” so families can record their own personal health goals, like keeping track of how many glasses of water they drink each day. Version 2.0 of the environmental beacon, which incorporates responses to those community member notes among other important engineering improvements, is nearing final production.  

Project team:

Zoltan Nagy (Principal Investigator – CAE Engineering), Christine Julien (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Kerry Kinney (CAE Engineering)


Real Health in Real Time by: Mary Huber — Medium