Project summary:

Planet Texas 2050 will produce invaluable—and in some cases irreplicable—data products with potential to enable future research for generations. The Digital Object Life Cycle (DOLCe) initiative seeks to develop the necessary infrastructure, mechanisms, and policies at TACC to ensure that those data are safeguarded throughout the research life cycle. This proposal specifically addresses the end of the life cycle by enabling best practice in the publication and preservation of data for future reuse. Our project aims to explore effective ways to publish and preserve data by 1) understanding data publication use cases of Planet Texas 2050 researchers; 2) establishing partnerships with agencies that publish existing data covering Texas, in order to also share derivative data products resulting from Planet Texas 2050 research; 3) enabling direct publication of small to medium sized datasets from the DataX portal to the TDR Dataverse; and 4) exploring approaches to publish large datasets stored on TACC systems through the TDR Dataverse.

Project team:

Anna Dabrowski (TACC) and Jessica Trelogan (Libraries)