Project summary:

Planet Texas 2050 is creating a knowledge center for resilience studies and applications. The research efforts span disciplines to touch the outer limits of our knowledge and attempt to connect theory with practice. Our ultimate aim is to catalyze a new understanding of the choices and options our state must endeavor to navigate in the hope of achieving our collective best possible future. The vast and complex challenges facing society today exceed our ability to reason about them without the aid of computational support. Our most challenging resiliency problems require an intersection and integration across knowledge domains. The DataX and Model Integration components of the Planet Texas 2050 program aim to design and build data systems and integrated modeling capabilities that connect with leading edge, high performance computing facilities. The cyberinfrastructure research prioritizes the development of compute capabilities such that technology is reusable, scalable, and understandable by non-traditional advanced computing user groups and continues to be helpful to advanced HPC users in the Planet Texas 2050 community.

Project team:

Suzanne Pierce (project lead – TACC), Je’aime Powell (TACC), Anna Dabrowski (TACC), and the following TACC Functional Departments: Ops & System Administration, High Performance Computing, Data & Statistics, Visualization, and Advanced Computational Interfaces