Researchers create escape room to highlight climate crisis.
Researchers create escape room to highlight climate crisis.
Project summary:

Imagine this scenario: in the near future, four researchers are stranded on a distressed weather research station in the Gulf of Mexico during a violent hurricane. With their rescue pod disabled and the storm gaining strength by the minute, they must find a way to warn the mainland of the coming disaster and escape the station before it’s too late. This immersive Escape Room experience inspired by the Planet Texas 2050 initiative will be produced by the University of Texas at Austin, College of Fine Arts students and faculty in collaboration with multiple UT colleges, schools, and units. Featuring physical and digital puzzles, immersive media, and mixed reality technology, this experience will transport players into a world where extreme weather and population growth put Texans’ resilience to the test. Primary goals:

  1. Engage visitors with an immersive narrative supported by the Planet Texas 2050 research initiative and inspired by future extreme weather and resource scarcity.
  2. Showcase the UT Bridging Barriers initiative as a beacon of innovation.
  3. Support design-driven and experiential learning opportunities involving over 100 students and 10 courses across multiple departments.
  4. Create an emotionally engaging scenario where visitors collaboratively solve puzzles aided by audiovisual and physical clues.
Project team:

Sven Ortel (co-director – Theatre & Dance), Michael Baker (co-director – AET), David Cohen (producer – AET), and J.E. Johnson (technical director – AET)


Escaping a Climate Crisis by: Doreen Lorenzo — Medium