Project summary:

A key component when designing resilient systems is monitoring complex changes in the environment in near-real-time so that infrastructure and interventions are adaptive. This project will deploy a sensor network that will adaptively measure environmental conditions and stream data in near-real time to the computational resources at UT’s Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Preliminary application of this technology will be acoustic monitoring to detect in situ environmental change at the Stengl Biological Station (SLP), a site for long-term biodiversity research located in Texas’s Lost Pines ecoregion. To design these systems, we will address key unknowns including power requirements, sampling density in time and space, and reliable data streaming cyberinfrastructure. This knowledge will allow future design of sensing systems capable of informing models and policy in this dynamically changing region.

Project team:

Je’aime Powell (Project Lead – TACC), Kelly Pierce (TACC), and Tim Keitt (Department of Integrative Biology)